Stop celebrating President Elect George Weah if you have not learnt any lesson from his victory.

He became President when he announced his candidacy in mid-November 2004. He contested in 2005, won the first round of voting but lost in the November 8, 2005 run-off.

Realizing he lacked the basic academic qualifications to be president apart from being a fantastic footballer which wasn’t and is still not enough he went back to school and got equipped to be president.

After 12 years, he is President! He was determined in his heart to be president.

What factors are stopping you today from realizing your dream? How are you facing it? Have you given up? Winners have only one attitude, they never give up, never say no or take no for an answer, they keep walking even in the face of trials.

 Some of us let dreams die but others nourish and protect them, nurse them through bad days to the sunshine and light which always comes.

You too can become a George Weah in your chosen field if you stay strong, focused and determined no matter the challenges.

See you on the wealthy side!