Popular Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu and his wife, Maureen are celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary today, October 15, 2017.


The beautiful wife, Maureen took to her IG page to shower encomium on her husband. On her post, she made a list of all the things she has learnt in her marriage, revealing that her husband has taught her quite a number of things.

She wrote:

“I once met an Aunty of B on my first Trip to meet his Parents officially. She looked at me and said in Igbo “I always wondered what the woman that would win the heart of this man would look like” and I asked why and she said also in Igbo “This Man U see here has the rarest and the best kind of heart, God combined the heart of his Mum and Dad and gave it to him.

Fast forward to 1 Year Later and I will tell you first hand wat I have learnt from B
– I have grown to Never intentionally make an Enemy
– I have grown to Never Gossip about anyone Good or bad
– I have learnt to Give, Give and Give
– I have Learnt to Love God and still be super Crazy n Fly
– I have learnt to be Patient (this was hard but he was patient to put me tru it)
– I have learnt to try to make peace and give Peace
– I have learnt that I am beautiful, fruitful and Solid
– I have learnt How to give Love and never Hate Regardless of the situation – I have learnt the value of Friendship– I have learnt Positivity – I have learnt that Loyalty is Key– I have learnt how Powerful my tongue is
– I have learnt to have a longer temper even tho sometimes I still want to bring down the roof?
– I have learnt how strong silence is – I have learnt to forgive and accept People the way they are
Oh, I can go on and on cos it’s a Very Long list.
Am Amazed at how I got so Lucky.
1 Year Later, and I still have butterflies everytime I See You.
Happy Anniversary to Us Baby❤️ #1YearDown99ToGo❤️”