As usual ,this sunday i am about to thread on topic that most people dread to touch even with a shovel,but kedu nke barber na udene ?.

I am not in the business of making you happy or saying things to make friends ,i am in the business of saying it the way it should be and the way God wanted it to be said.

To many people Divorce is better than coffin ,which is true .
To others if you are not happy in marriage better divorce which is also true ,but can you just shut up and come with me to hear ugheli danda ?

TODAY ,i am about to come hard on our women and next shall be on our men,but all is for odi nma ndi igbo/Africa and taking back our LOVE and family hood ,which we sold for foreign culture that is uselessing our future and living.

Your life happiness ended the day you took your marriage to a judge or the day you get yourself a DIVORCE lawyer ,that was the day you wave bye bye to your joy and happiness .
n this respect ,i am talking of marriage that was contracted in African home town ,not the likes obtained in Western world,such as the one you meet a spouse on the train,shopping mall or disco and in next hour both of you rush to Marriage registry and come out HUS-BOUND AND WIPE .

Which owing to the same chaotic way it was contracted ,it ends the same way and no crocodile tear ,no love lost because none was gained to start with .

That is where a man or woman will wake up the next morning and tell the spouse in a conversationary tone “Dear , i want you to give me a divorce” and the spouse without blinking an eye lid will respond “NO PROBLEM,WHAT TIME ?”,,tell your lawyer to talk to my lawyer, and will i visit you atimes ?.

When you are African born and breed and you got married in African soil and suddenly you discovered that Divorce is the inn thing ,then i have message for you…Do not rush me for i am still coming to deliver my message.

Ladies here is where i have axe to grind with you because 97% of divorce are generated by women,who felt that they want to be independent of a man but depend on him for upkeep and the demands of life.

When you Divorce a man ,that means you are fed up with him and his way of life,you do not want anything to do with him.He is evil that you cannot stand and do not wish to have anything to do with.

But you lied ,big time to yourself,your children and posterity.

If you hate the man long enough that you ran quickly to divorce him ,why then did you accept CHILD SUPPORT ,ALIMONY and other jargons that benefit the lady from same BAD MAN ?,does it mean that the man is not bad ,but you want freedom to taste things out there without restrictions or questions ?

Why do you share in his wealth ? oburu na iju ekwensu ,iju ya na olu ya nile [if you reject evil ,you will hate all his works and benefit].
If you hate man enough to Divorce him ,you will hate the Money he was compelled to pay you under tears and duress .You cannot hate him and love his money and alimony ,it is Evil standard.

Does it not occur to you that ,you are killing that same man every month end ?,that he also hate you every month end, and you remember him every month end ?,which brings to mind ,you are still in LOVE WITH him through his money .

Do you not think that if you are to be involved in an accident and have 5 seconds to live and he is the only person that will save you ,i am sure that he will RATHER drink posion than to lift a hand toward saving you ,so that you will continue exploiting his life,because your demise is a relief to him…Yes,once you divorced him and continue extorting from him, money that he do not have,money that he would prefer to use for other things and you conspire with a judge that know nothing about parenthood and nail the man to a cross,that was the day you killed another human and in this case the father of your children.

If you hate the man enough to divorce him ,please hate his money enough to reject it.

If you do not want his relationship ,do not relate to his money.If you can handle a family on your own ,why bother asking the HUS-BOUND to slave for you ?.

If you hate the man enough to divorce him ,better hate the children he brought to this world with your consent, give them back to him,but if you hold unto his children and,extort money from him ,call it child support or alimony ,then you never divorced him …. YOU ARE TAKING HIM TO CLEANERS to make his life miserably.

Just look at the mirror in your house now and you will see some inscription on your forehead,it reads FRAUD.

Do not pretend that you do not know that the man you are extorting is cursing you and the day he met you at the end of every month ,when he will pay you for blackmailing him with support of a judge.

Also you curse him every month end he delayed in paying your ransom.

Tommorrow some of you will talk about 419,fraud and evil ,is there any thing that is more horrifying than a man took his time to marry a woman ,bring her to his home to be his wife,make her mother of his children and the woman owing to some stupid western culture will weave a fetter of Iron and hung it around the man,s neck.Which will make the man she formerly confessed loving to be paying her RANSOM to the rest of the man,s life, which the woman made useless in the first place.I wonder what some of this women will say about kidnappers that demand ransom?,but i prefer kidnappers because it is one time event ,but divorce is monthly ransom paid with tears and wears.

Listen and listen good ,every penny you collected as Child support or alimony is EXTORTION AND EXPLOITATION and do not worry about praying, for you can fool men but not God.If you want child support move back to your husband and both of you can bring the children up with parental care and love,but if you think that you are WESTERN ENOUGH to be liberated ,then stop extorting money from the man you,ve RUINED for life.

Before i go ,i also wonder why it never occured to women that once you divorce a man ,you should also divorce the SURNAME ,not after
you divorce a man ,you retain his surname and you think you have sense ?.

Have,nt you done enough damages in his life ?

When you divorce a man and took his children ,what do you tell the children about the dad ? ,that your husband who is the father of your children is USELESS drunk or stupid ?,but you OPEN UP ENOUGH to get pregnant from same useless and stupid man .Do you know that automatically you are telling the children that they are product of unprotected sex ? that they are offspring of Drunkard and which means they will end up been drunk and Stupid .

Do you tell them that thier father is useless ? that you are the wife of a useless Husband who brought into this world USELESS CHILDREN ?.

Did you consider for a minute that everything you said to your children about thier father has a big role to play in what they will be in life ?.

Do you accept the fact that you killed the happiness of THE MAN ,THE CHILDREN,YOUR OWN PARENTS,YOUR INLAWS,YOUR BROTHERS,SISTERS AND many members of the community ?,because your topic will always bring back bad feelings.

I said it before and i am saying it again ,if you cannot pray ,do not marry.If you think that marriage has a clause called “DIVORCE” better continue enjoying STREET SEX .

Do not bring children into this world and tore them apart by forcing them to choose between you and thier father who is more EVIL.