I was going to give Naija Entertainment News but I got into an arguement with my sisters this morning about something we read in City People Magazine. Decided to bring it here…to discuss.

It’s a very sensitive issue and something a lot of us women can learn from. It’s about Lola Omotayo and Peter Okoye of P-SQUARE.

Y’all know they had a baby together recently and there’s been a lot of talk on the side and in the media about them having a baby out of wedluck.

In City People this week, Peter granted an interview talking about his joy as a father and his intentions towards lola, his baby mama.

For those that thought it wasn’t right and those that were disappointed, what was your comment?
Peter “I have heard series of things and people didn’t want to come out straight to say anything. The good thing is that they were never against me going out with Lola. Most people were thinking the whole thing will disrupt my career and all that. That was what everyone was concerned about.

In your perception, how do you think being a father will affect your career?
Peter “I was thinking it was going to affect my career, but now, within a short period of time, I don’t think it will affect me. I can take care of my child”

At Lola’s age, her family would have expected that she gets married before she gives birth
Peter “Age is just a number. I’m happy her parents are very understanding people and likewise my parents.

Will you two someday get married?
Peter “No one has talked about that. People actually thought that I am married but I’m not married. Everyone knows I’m single but the fact is that if God permits, fine. I think children are blessings from God.”

Now that she has a child for you, do you want to marry this woman?
Peter “One way or the other everyone is going to get married one day. Even when you meet a girl today as a girlfriend, you can imagining her as a wife, so we all have that in mind. My time would always come”

Here’s what Paul had to say…

Are you looking forward to doing something like this?
Paul “It’s a great thing but it has to be done the proper way. The right way. For me, my own plan will have to wait till I get married”

Do you think that Peter having a baby will affect the group in any way?
Paul “Well, I don’t think it would affect the group at all because it’s not as if P-SQUARE said if we get married, we wold quit music. Music is just there, it’s not like if you have a child, you can’t contest or anything. It will not affect except Peter allows it. Like when we have concerts and Peter starts thinking that today is my son’s birthday and all that but that can’t happen”

Do you think that in the nearest future, Peter would marry Lola?
Paul “I think when the relationship started but now, I don’t think so. That’s what I feel”

So here’s what I want us to discuss as mature women. If you’re 35years old and you’ve been in a relationship with a man for 4 years… and you start to realise he’s not thinking seriously about settling down, what would you do?

Bear in mind that you are:
A. Successful, so you can take care of a child
B. 35 years old
C. Been with this man for 4 years
D. He’s not trying to break up with you…just ain’t ready to commit
E. Starting all over again isn’t easy…especially at that age.

No woman really wants to have a child out of wedluck (I stand to be corrected)…but like they say, shit happens.
So if you find yourself in this situation, would you end the relationship or do what Lola Omotayo did, get pregnant and have a baby?

I’m asking this ‘cos I have an aunt who’s 37 years old and has been dating same guy for 8 years now…no talk of marriage from him and I’m thinking maybe she should just have a baby and Fuuk marriage?

What do you guys think?