If you have elderly parents, it’s important to take extra care of them during the golden years of their life. Old age brings with it certain problems and issues that needs extra attention. It also introduces a lot of new challenges on the health front. Therefore, it’s important to stay prepared in case something goes wrong and one of your parents requires hospitalization to treat an illness.

Senior citizen health insurance helps you stay prepared and in control by allowing you to give your parents top-of-the-line healthcare by providing access to the best medical institutes and treatment options in the country.

So, if you are looking for a health insurance for your parents, you are at the right place because we will be looking at some features of senior health insurance that should help you pick the right health coverage plan.

Helps Negate the Rising Cost of Medical Care

After we hit a certain age, the number of ailments and problems tend to increase; moreover, the immune system is no longer as efficient which makes us more vulnerable to diseases requiring medical attention.

A senior citizen health insurance policy will give access to the best medical care should your parents need it and take care of all related costs such as room rent, doctor’s fee, nursing charges, diagnostics, etc.

Without health insurance the cost of these procedures and fees can make a dent in your pocket because the cost of healthcare is at an all-time high and it’s only going to go higher in the years to come. A health insurance policy will essentially help you negate the rising cost of medical care via cashless hospitalization and covering all charges for pre and post hospitalization as well.

Access to Day Care Treatments

Medical science has vastly improved, and certain diseases and ailments no longer require extensive hospitalization with some requiring even less than 24 hours of stay at the hospital.

All ailments that require less than the mandated 24 hours hospitalization for the insurance policy to kick in fall under the daycare treatment option. You should get a policy which gives you coverage for the maximum number of daycare procedures because old age requires a lot of hospital visits due to uninvited ailments, and many would fall under this category.

Access to Annual Health Checkups

Preventive health checkups are one of the sure-shot ways of catching diseases early and making lifestyle changes to tackle an ailment early on. A senior health insurance plan gives you access to free annual health checkups so that you can continue to enjoy life and be one step ahead of any diseases or ailments waiting to happen.

A senior health insurance policy is critical to ensure the best care for your parents and you should never delay getting that insurance. However, always check the policy document carefully if there are any deductibles, co-pay requirements or caps on room rent and treatment costs. Choose a policy that you think gives you the maximum benefits for the premium you are paying so that if your parents need medical attention, they have access to nothing less than the best healthcare.

Care Insurance offers senior citizen health insurance that provides a host of benefits such as a vast hospital network, organ donor cover, alternative treatment options such as Ayurveda, option to get a second opinion, coverage for pre-existing diseases and illness*, free annual checkups, access to 541- daycare treatment options, along with a host of other benefits unrivalled in the health insurance industry. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive health cover for your parents, do check out their plans.

Getting your parents insured is the best gift you can give them as their child. It not only safeguards their health but also prevents their life savings from being wiped out in the unfortunate event of hospitalization. So, do your bit as a responsible child and get your parents insured today!