Pretty wife of popular actor, Ik Ogbonna, is a diva to the core. She is one of those one refers to as a ‘sexy mother’.

Proud mother of one, but she doesn’t look like it with her curvy shape still intact like a spinster.

Sonia and Ik Ogbonna are unapologetic individuals when it comes to Public display of affection (PDA).

The duo often breaks the internet with intimate and yummy photos that would make singles wish for a quick marriage, they simply make marriage look easy and interesting.

In a recent interview, the Columbian beauty gushed over her husband, and how lucky she is to be his wife.

The 24 year old beauty has definitely fit into our cultures and tradition, as she speaks pidgin and the native language of her husband.

When asked if she might consider acting if given the opportunity, she bluntly said no, saying acting is not her calling, she just wants to be a good wife and support her husband in his chosen career.

“Acting is not my kind of thing. I know I have the look of a great actress but looks can be very deceptive. Acting is not meant for me at all. I support my husband and his chosen career. I pray for him, take care of his home and son. Since we got to know better, good things started coming his way. He is used to say I’m his witch (laughs).” She said.