Olusegun Osaniyi, the rapper known as Lord of Ajasa has gotten married.

The Ondo-born rapper, who is yet to hit it big, despite having garnered incredible critical commendation, and grassroot following, tied the knots with his partner, Olufunmilayo Kasali at the Ikeja Local government registry, in Lagos on Saturday March 21.

The rapper‘s close friends were shocked when they heard news of the wedding, and many of his colleagues told https://www.nigeriafilms.com they were not invited.

Ajasa has at least three albums under his belt, and he‘s the first rapper to make rapping in vernacular appear cool. With witty, daring and intelligent verses, it wasn‘t long before true apostles of hip hop discovered him, and he had his first major shot at limelight when he performed at Hip Hop World Awards and Kennis Easter Fiesta in 2006.

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