It’s all over between singer Omawumi and her producer boyfriend Dokta Frabz!

The loverbirds, who made their relationship public last year, and were the envy of many, have gone their separate ways, reliable sources tell nfc.

And, contrary to rumours of unfaithfulness making the rounds, the couple’s close friends tell nfc the break up is ‘by mutual understanding’.

Frabz and Omawumi were as close as a couple could get; and they flaunted their love on and off the cameras. It was not unusual to see the singer thanking him during award acceptance speeches. Frabz, who’s a talented producer, was also a major producer on Omawumi’s debut album Wonder Woman.

We could not get the producer to comment, but Omawumi in an exclusive interview with nfc, insists ‘there were no issues. We both agreed to move on’.

The Idols West Africa finalist explains: ‘Every relationship has their own issues. But with us, we’ll always sit down and talk. We always talk out our issues. Ours was a long term thing. But it got to a point where we were both getting very committed and we thought it wise to stop and check; let’s both take time out to see if we’re both ready. That’s how it started…’

‘But we’re still friends. Infact I’m attending his father’s coronation this weekend’.

The singer says she is ‘enjoying her single status’ again, and would not disclose if she’s considering another relationship anytime soon.