Lynxxx, the CEO of Syndik8 Records has finally opened up on his crush on Chidinma Ekile. The born again rapper also told us exactly the new direction he is heading to and made us understand that he is never a gospel artiste.

 He explains

Well in a nutshell I am born again which simply means I am living a God standard life and not a world standard life…  Meaning that God comes first in every decision I make… And I  strive to live according to his commandments and rules…Now musically… Nothing really has changed apart from the fact that have removed the unnecessary suggestiveness, vulgar language  and sexually suggestive stuff from my music.. So instead of singing about sex for instance, love is a better approach to the content

His life has also changed “Everything… Once u make yourself available to be used by God he remolds you into what HE originally destined you to I repeat… I am not a Gospel artist… I don’t  think serving God automatically should mean I should sing Gospel music

 For those of us asking of his relationship with Chidinma “Lol not a thing… Shouts to her though , she cool peeps! “