Jamaican-American reggae fusion singer, Shaggy will laugh himself to tears if he ever hears Majid Michel’s own rendition of  his hit song ‘Bombastic’ on Celebrity Fanzone last weekend.

 Majid who lip synched throughout his performance did amazingly great with his body movement that got him an ovation at the end of the song.

Majid is currently experimenting with helping others with their spirituality and impacting knowledge “I have always had interest in stuffs concerning spirituality, religion, leadership and family and…stuff like that…different topics.

 ‘It’s just been a new passion that has come upon me to indulge people in it and the response has been incredible,” Majid stated.

Majid talked about how this new hobby may affect his acting career, “It will just have to come with deeper meanings of the scripts and I will just have to scrutinize them more to see exactly if it resonates with what I do.”

Recall that Majid now believe in God  after years of unbelief “Lord God I have never spoken to you. But now I want to say…how do you do? You see God, they told me you didn’t exist and like a fool I believed all this…I wonder God if you’ll take my hand. Somehow I feel that you would understand. Funny I had to come to this hellish place before I had time to see your face.