Insult Denrele, no issues but don’t just try it with Bobrisky. The guy is not going to let anyone bully him without fighting and scratching hard at the person. He is a fighter who doesn’t go down without a good fight.

He recently announced that he was going to be in London from the 2nd to 12th of December, 2016 with a poster. Trust some Nigerians, there is no hiding place for anyone they dislike.

One fan said “If you are going to London, just go in peace and upload pictures about how well your trip is. Dont see a reason why a poster has to be made. You are not Davido nau, abi, because I don’t understand”

But Bobrisky has this to say “I see majority of you here are foolish and stupid. Must you comment? Why can’t you keep your ignorance to yourself and stop constituting nuisance on page. I have the right to post anything i like on your page. Do you expect me to join your poverty caliber? Useless people. Any stupid comment here is blocked because I didn’t come and ring bell in your village to follow me here. Cheers”