SINCE we had considered ‘day make-up’ then we should also talk about ‘evening make-up’. It is only fair and proper, right?

But is there such a thing as ‘evening make-up?’ I often have to ask that question. Make-up is such a personal thing, and is about the individual’s personality.

In today’s society we like to give things labels. I have said before and will say again: make-up is about expression; whatever make you feels good.

There is nothing better than getting ready to go out – may be to go and ‘paint the town red’; you have been planning the event all day.

You know what dress you will wear, shoes, tights, jewellery. Do you know how to apply your make-up, and the colours you should wear to suit you?

Make-up can change according to the time and occasion. For different occasions you can do different types of make-up like light or heavy, bright and sparkly.

Remember the overall impression and effect of the make-up gets changed in the light. So in the light of this, the nature of make-up needs to be adjusted.

And this is why we in the industry say day and evening make up. On the one hand, the day makeup should be light and simple, suitable for sunlight, and on the other hand you can use bright colours for the evening party social look.

SO, what goes for the evening?

Fact: Different shades of light give different effects on our make-up and can make a big difference in the desired look. Always have an image in your mind.

Fact: For evening events, it is suitable to wear brighter and bolder colours accurately. Fact: When we go out in the evening, especially when we go clubbing the lighting used is predominately fluorescent light. It is blue light that sharpens and magnifies all the colours of your make-up.

While preparing for the evening parties you should avoid using more sheer, natural and neutral colours and their combinations.

Fact: If you are experimental you can be much wilder with your choice of colours. This is the time to have fun, and go for colours that you would not normally use.

Fact: Women tend to go overboard with the lip gloss. Calm it down. You don’t have to put it on all at once. You can always re-apply some more later on.

May be we will consider at some point the do’s and don’ts of evening make up. Remember make up should be fun fun fun.