Malaysia returnee, Hushpuppi have been making headlines recently starting from feud with Nigerian artiste, Davido, which was later settled.

Then to his social media philanthropist promises, which was eventually not carried out.  Although the socialite brags of having so much money, Nigerians are confused on why he hadly carries out his promises.

Days ago, he had promised to help 100 Nigerian students with their school fees, and this elevated the mood of so many student struggling with finances.

Their hopes suddenly crashed when Hushpupi quit his instagram platform and many felt he was only been deceptive with his promises.

After few days of going AWOL, he returned with mockery, telling Nigerians to go and help themselves, because no help for them.

He wrote: “make una go help una self, no help for una, he who laugh last ,laughs best, awon Eleribu .”

However, trust Nigerians as they went down his page to troll him, with different hash comments been dished out to him over his insensible use of words.