Nigerian music producer who later became a singer Maleek Berry is tired by the fake and irresponsible life many Nigerian music elders are living as they are not helping the younger generation.

Maleek Berry who has risen to be one of the favorite in just an interval of a short time in his music career is not happy on what those that are supposed to be a source of help to the up comings are doing behind the scene.

He did not take it kindly with them as he issued that they are all fake people and he said he didn’t want to call out names because all the so called elders in the industry are only trying to destroy people’s name at the back.

He wrote;

“There are too many fake people in this industry.. If I start to vex and call out names… All you so called elders behind the scenes that are meant to be guiding younger African artists but instead you want to destroy people’s names behind the scenes , why because no one is brown nosing you ? Talking about we need to stick together more but all you grown men do is talk bad about young dudes trying to make something out of their lives and feed their families. Thank God I have real people around me In my inner circle I can seek wise counsel from. Sometimes keeping quiet is not the answer always.”