Juliet and Mercy Johnson fondly called Mama Purity, decided to storm and pull down the building at Glo Mega Music Tour with the fashion they displayed in their Ankara uniform.

 What wonderful way to display Ankara? Mercy and Juliet brought the best out of a ‘Glo-like’ Ankara dress, the same pattern but different styles. The two actresses must have stopped many people on their tracks because these women matched their clothes with their physical endowments. They twinned in the same hair and hairstyle looking angelic.

Mercy shared a picture they took together. Recall, Juliet was blasted by a fan for taking poses with Mercy who is married and would not go ahead to find her own husband. Mercy made sure she addressed the issue.

But… does this mean the two actresses are now best friends or, did they just want to defy the critic’s distasteful comment?