No matter the challenges Nigerians may be going through and how other countries have some negative perception about the country, what stands its citizens out is the ability to improvise with whatever is available just to survive which is why it is easy for a Nigerian to survive in other countries.


Recently, there have been several reports about some creative Nigerians who have either built a car, drone and various devices just to show that if given better opportunity, they can fit into the corporate society and make the country a strong competitor with other countries.

Like the current trend, ‘buy made in Nigeria product,’ in Bida, Niger State, a man has just built a car with a wooden body and motorcycle engine and not just for parking sake, he was seen driving his new car around.

Sure he wouldn’t have spent much since he could get a fairly used bike which could possibly go for N20,000, remove its engine and buy some wood at the market, shape them to the design he wants and his car is ready for use.