Nelson mandela’s ex-wife, winnie mandela might be bringing back the old African culture where a warrior who who has fought for his nation gets the king’s daughter as reward. Mandela is an icon in africa, lets call him the king. Boateng who has fought for a place for africa in the world at the on-going world cup can be called an african warrior. Mandela’s ex-wife must have been dreaming of the ghanaian-german black stars’ player as the perfect man for granddaughter. She has gone so far as to offer her willing granddaughter to the 23 year old player. At first, Winnie might have gotten a knee-response from the player considering the value of such offer.

The former first lady met with boateng when she hosted the blackstars at her residence in soweto. She told boateng her granddaughter is ready to marry him and that she is ready to sponsor the marriage. Boateng has been admired by many young ladies around the world after playing at the world cup for ghana. Twitter proved it during the football match between US and ghana, when ‘boateng’ was trending: thousands of tweets emphasizing on the beauty of his face. Young ladies making a beeline for the ghanaian player to get his autograph. Kevin prince boateng who joined the ghanaian team after he was turned down by the german team might be going through a decisive moment in his life as he’s already married to jenny who resides in germany blessed with a child. Winnie had lost a granddaughter some hours before the world cup kicked off in south africa, and now, she is not ready to lose another granddaughter to just any man but boateng.

Should we call Winnie a do-gooder?. Winnie is not playing it by ear, and who knows he boateng is going to play the game the way winnie expected.