Education, we all know, is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. And also a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army. So it comes as good news when one decides to go to school to broaden their scope in any particular field.

A research we did tells us that Shakira is one of the few celebrities who took French leave from singing, resting her hips for a while and letting her brain get a workout at the university of California Los Angeles, Nigerian celebrity Genevieve Nnaji is also one of the Top Nigerian superstars who took a leave to school and later returned to the screens strongly than before.

But For most Ghanaian celebrities ,anytime they hide from the paparazzi, and you are lucky to get to reach them on phone, they begin by saying they are going back to school to study and to add up to what they already know. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be that after their so-called education, one hardly sees any positive change in their life and career and most of them even quit acting.

Those who watch Socrates Safo”s Movies will realize that one of his lead characters Marian Addo is missing in action after the “What Sex Can Do” movie. All the controversy and the media hype have been on Baby Blanch. Trying to get where she has been hiding all this while, Marian revealed to us that she is in Uk to visit her husband and to finalize her acting school deal.
Sharing some of the experience she had in Uk she stated that she was well welcomed by the African movie fans there, whiles others asked if she really kisses and enjoy sex in movies.

She also added that it was not part of her plans to attend shows and be special guest to some of the programs, but as soon as most people got to know that she was present they started bringing invitations which she did not turn down.

Marian Addo will be coming back to Ghana in July to finalize some movie project with Socrat Safo and then will go back to the United Kingdom to complete her studies. We Hope after her schooling, she will not come back to tell her fans that she has also retired from acting. We wish her good luck in all she will be doing whiles in Uk with her husband