Media personality, Morayo Brown has defended her support for Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, who is facing criticism over her marriage to movie marketer, Kazim Adeoti a.k.a Adekaz.

Brown, during a discussion with her co-anchors on TV programme, Your View, had supported the actress’ decision to marry Adeoti, a married father of four.

Recall that Adeoti’s first wife, Funsho had called out Aigbe, accusing her of sleeping with her husband while she was still married to her ex-husband, Lanre Gentry.

Addressing her stance in an Instagram post on Thursday, Brown debunked claims that she was friends with the actress.

“So, for people who are completely clueless on what I do, this post is for you. Nigeria is in a mess because we all don’t agree to disagree. @realmercyaigbe is not my friend. She reached out to me when we previously took this matter on the show to share her side.

“It is this same narrative that gullible Nigerians will adopt to say we are friends. How? Before each show we all have an idea of each others’ positions. If everyone takes a side, I, the moderator takes another side. Sometimes another lady takes an unpopular position, just to have a balanced show!!

“If you watched the show to the end, where we treated another topic, you’ll see I took a stand against a 71yr old man getting married to a young lady. Of course I have no issues with that in real life. Many people know I have a friend married to an older man. I took that position to have a rich conversation so that close minded Nigerians like this clown can see things from different perspectives.

“When I saw this topic in my email, I immediately expressed my reservations to our producer. Knowing the other ladies will definitely speak against Mercy, I quickly put a call to Mercy, so I can have a different perspective. To give Nigerians a good show, we have to constantly deal with these wicked hazardous clowns!!!,” she wrote.

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