Nigerian model Beverly Osu has revealed on how a married and elderly man is so into her that he even profess love to her. The 26 year old model shared the story on her IG telling her fans of how the man and wife were into arguments because of her and the woman had to block her on the husbands account.

“So I met an elderly man in the bank yesterday, he was so excited to see me, meeting me for the first time. He kept complementing my smile, my politeness, my eyes etc. but I can only say thank you so much sir.

Then he said, I love you so much, my wife and I have had arguments and fights over you, and she even took my phone to block you on my instagram and twitter. But I let it go for peace to reign in my home. I said women know best say, but he replied not to worry I’m still following you, my son opened a new account for me,” she wrote.

She is also known to be very controversial, her stay in the big brother Africa was nothing to write home of as she displayed so many adults stuffs.

People say she is a young lady with a really rough past. She once said that she had to sleep with wealthy men to get some money for her family and for herself. She was dating Nigerian singer 2shot who was married.