Muddled by the act of many pregnant women in the recent times not wearing maternity gown which was the clothing known for them, yours truly have been asking questions upon questions to understand the reason that has led them to be abandoning this age-long culture. Shamefaced with their protruding bellies coming in front of you in casual tops and jeans and suits, spitting everywhere and masticating, no one has ever given me a tangible reason why women have dropped maternity gown for frivolities. Some people said that many pregnant women can’t even explain why they don’t wear maternity gown any longer. I am surprised that people say women are following the trend and see maternity gown as periodical. So, is it a waste of money buying such clothing?

Pregnancy is a thing of joy. In Africa, it solidifies marriage “ a man and a woman. But, it does not mean that a woman should be ”modelling” in an unknown norm of models. Whenever I see a pregnant woman not wearing the maternity gown, I feel for such a woman and the disgust that the woman is exposing herself envelopes my mentality.

As we know, childbirth is no fewer tasks for women, and to most of them it is the most stressful experience. I have always wondered why a pregnant woman should be ‘tying’ herself without loosed clothing. This, I feel, contributes to their usually tiredness and difficulty in the labour room. However, I think, experts have a greater part of analysis on that. In the case disposable underwear is not affordable; the dent of urine or something unprintable on the tight clothing is often noticed.

However, in the course of this article, I came to realise that before the Middle Ages, people were wearing clothes for cover and not for fashion 13th century. Clothes wearing were not giving people shape till in the Middle Ages seams were fitted in European dresses, just as we have seen many modernized types. Maternity clothing otherwise called maternity gown today was sewed to hide pregnancy in the 19th Century, and not to showcase it as wont today in the world for pregnant celebs. Before the 19th century, from 1600- 1750, people were wearing Aprons and Baroque Adrienne, the later was a waistless pregnancy gown. But the wearing of maternity gown became a fad in (1714- 1811), known as the Georgian period.

I am so worried today that if in those days women were conscious of what they wear when they are pregnant, what has happened in our time when we have to respect shame in certain things we do? It is very annoying that the maternity gown is occupying the backstage among our pregnant women in the 21st century with all the different styles that are out, making the gown never to be profitable for the designers and manufacturers.

Suffice it that stylish maternity gowns are everywhere. But the question is how many pregnant women care? I have often attributed a pregnant woman not wearing even the stylish type of the gown to poverty but on the other hand, I have come to realise that most jeans and tops they wear are even costlier than some of the maternity gowns.