When Mabel, wife of popular comedian, AY called from an embassy last week pointing out to his husband how a celebrity magazine had written that both have split, he was shocked and short of words.

Narrating his experience to Blockbuster, AY said his wife had phoned him saying: “Honey, somebody just showed me something here. It’s a magazine and they say we are separated.’ I was actually baffled to hear that; I didn’t know what to do because I really don’t see any reason anybody will just go ahead and publish that kind of story.”

But the talented and award-winning comedian knew what to do. The following day, he took his case to his radio programme, which runs every Friday morning on Rhythm 93.7 FM. “Listeners were angry and they were even suggesting I sue the medium…but I’m not out for that.”

This is what AY is out for – to say his side of the spiteful break-up tale.
“Although the editor of the magazine that published the story called me and said it was a photographer from the office who noticed that Mabel and I were not sitting together at Black & White Ball, organized by another magazine – Encomium. According to the editor, the photographer said I was sitting on one table and my wife was sitting on another table, which is not true. I sat on the same table with my wife, Chidi Mokeme and Ayo Animashahun, So, I wonder where the story is coming from.

“Even at that, if we decided to go to another person’s table, what is the person’s business? The only time I can remember going to another table was when Mabel and I went to see the wife of Lagos State governor. She sent a gift to us during our wedding and because of protocol we’ve not been able to see her, it was my wife and I that went to greet her and it was at the same event that somebody wrote that we are separated. That’s not fair.”

In conclusion, AY says, “I have a lovely wife, I have a family, I have a lovely daughter, and I don’t want anybody to start coming in between us at this early stage of our marriage. We are barely a year old in holy matrimony, aside the traditional wedding. I just want all of that to be corrected.”