Genevieve Magazine’s Media Mogul, CEO Betty Irabor is sharing how she overcame her own depression. Joining other celebs that have touched on the sensitive subject, Betty shared how she overcame her own depression state.

She wrote, “I spent the weekend in my bed room, I had no urge to go any where. I was sad. My heart sank as I read about one suicide after the other. My soul finally gave in to grief when i read abt the lady who packed her car on 3rd mainland bridge & jumped into the lagoon…just another suicide? Abi? Our youths are overdosing just to get that momentary high as an escape from the real world, many more are on a suicide mission as they try to get to Europe through the hostile desert.

Many are trying to escape from something and suicide seems the perfect escape. Suicide is not a way out.. I thought it was when I tried it, in the throes of depression many years back.

But suicide isn’t ever a solution.. i have had talks with a few people having suicidal thoughts and I am shocked that they all seem to believe there are no genuine friends to talk to.

How can there not be? How can you call your self a friend and yet your suicidal friends think you’re just going to mock them or not pick their calls because you’re tired of their hopeless and helpless stories?? What kind of a friend ignores another friend’s call for help? Oh, you think “she/he is just looking for attention?” Even at that? I am tired of hearing about suicides and all of us should be too.

People are desperately sick; mental health/ depression is a real issue and until we become our neighbors keepers as we were before the Internet/phones became our neighbors, suicide rates will escalate.. more will jump into lagoons, many will be found hanging, many will slash their wrists, many will jump in front of buses or jump from their balconies and many will overdose! Every man or woman’s life counts regardless of status!


It’s tragic how we mock people when they post stuff that suggest they need help; people call them scammers.. ok I can’t argue that they may be, but what if it’s not a scam? I am not saying send them money, I am just saying don’t ignore them totally either. Reach out if you can.

There’s no time better than now to call up a friend or siblings or your parents to ask “ how are you?” You will be surprised to find that they are not fine at all..we all can’t be fine until we care more… #melancholy #brotherskeeper