Nigerian Nollywood stay mercy Johnson has tried to keep her marriage together even when the public said her marriage had crash but the family is still growing stronger daily.

The former special adviser to Kogi state governor’s marriage is tending to bond stronger and as we celebrate this they is a name that is keeping the marriage in good shape.

Benedict Okojie is Mercy Johnson’s number one fan, and she happens to be her brother in-law.

If you can maintain a good n healthy relationship with your in-laws then you are bond to enjoy a better and lasting home.

Benedict and Mercy Johnson very much love themselves and this is evident in the conversation between them.

When you surely have a brother in-law who is your fan and lover, surely your marriage is on the right track.

Could this be the secret to Mercy Johnson’s happy and strong marriage?


Benedict Okojie, brother in-law


Benedict Okojie, brother in-law