Ibukunoluwa is a Nigerian Model, Actress and Miss Nigeria USA Finalist. She came to America at the age of 5, and grew up primarily on the Eastern Coast of the United States. She is the first of two children. She speaks English in addition to her native language of Yoruba. Having grown up with parents who are both in the medical field, Ibukunoluwa had different ambitions from a very young age. Aside from having interests in fashion design at 11, when she would compile various sketches and sew them for her Barbies, she also participated in dance, cheerleading, singing, acting, piano and various sports such as softball, track and tennis. “I think my parents knew from a very young age that I was artistic by nature. I still have some paintings from when I was 10 and still cannot believe it was me.”

She was found at the age of 14 by a local modeling agent at a mall where she was living at the time and was urged to go to New York, but due to her young age, her parents did not agree to this. “At the time I was very excited to be considered for modeling. It was something, surprisingly that had never crossed my mind.” After finishing school, she moved to Miami to pursue her big dreams. She soon after worked with various named agencies, networks, magazines and products. She then moved to New York where she started acting and now works for a very prominent acting talent agency.

Ibukunoluwa Oyerinde has been featured in New Beauty Magazine, Sonoran Magazine, Essence Magazine, MTV, and BET to name a few.


In 2010, Ibukunoluwa founded Feeding Young Minds Foundation, which is an organization that provides food and books to teaching institutions in need. “This organization is very important to me because it has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. My country has a large amount of growing it needs to do and it’s my conviction that poverty and illiteracy have a large part to play in the underdevelopment. Children are our hope for a change in the future.” In addition to growing her foundation, she also supports other charities like St. Jude’s Children Hospital, American Cancer Society, There is No Limit Foundation and UNICEF.


Ibukunoluwa is a Finalist of the Miss Africa USA Pageant, representing the country of Nigeria. She has embarked on her journey of enhancing literacy and diminishing malnourishment among children in Africa and the global community. She strongly believes that when high standards are set for today’s generation, they will carry these values on with them throughout life to lead quality lives.

The Semi-Finals were held February 12-14 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Miss Africa 2010 Finals will be held on July 22-25 at the University of Maryland Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. College Park, Maryland.