Well, she is Pero Adeniyi and was once married, left the marriage with a baby girl, who turned 20 recently and went for music sensation, Innocent Idibia aka Tuface.

Perosaiyemi has three kids (two boys and a girl) for Tubaba. She is sexy, now curvier (seems she had a body job), not ready to bleach her brown skin and a mother of four.

Of course she has had one or two confrontations with Annie Idibia, the legal wife of Tuface.

Obviously, Pero is not ready to leave Innocent Idibia— she is single and never been romantically linked with anyone since she started dating the musician,

However, Annie must have heaved a sigh of relief when one of Tuface’s babymamas, Sunmbo, a married a pastor.

Sunmbo had two boys for Tuface.

Of course, Tuface is a good father to his kids and would always post their photos during birthdays and other memorable events.

He takes them on holidays too.

The vacationing must have been the most ‘burning’ issue in Annie’s marriage. Why?

Annie explained in her latest posts that has gone viral on Instagram, “Your babymamas constantly use your children as an excuse for all sort of rubbish.”

Annie went on to scold her husband for sleeping at Pero’s house for days, during his trip to the United States of America .

Annie wrote, “What kind of man takes his kids to Disney and spend nights in the same apartment with his kids and their mother? How many times have you gone to see your kids with Pero? And she stays with you and the kids under the same roof?”

Recall that a few years ago, Annie and Pero’s sister fought over this issue of vacationing.

Then, Annie had posted something on parenting and gave kudos to ex/separated parents, “who don’t stress the other parents over seeing their kids.”

At this, Eniola Titiloye fired back at Annie Idibia calling her “an hypocrite who harasses Pero any time Tuface tries to check on Pero’s kids.

Pero’s sister wrote, “It’s all because Innocent left from Cairo yesterday to see his kids he has not seen in over two years because of her (Annie). The kids she fights their father for even storing their names as “Idibia Us”. The kids she sends texts to their mum harassing her life anytime Innocent starts to contact them. The kids she abuses by cutting them off from their dad, he has to hide to call or facetime them just because he does not want Annie’s troubles. Annie, I have hard proofs that will show the world that you are a liar doing photoshop with Sunmbo’s kids to form happy family when we know what is going on in the background…..” (sic)

Meanwhile, don’t let’s forget January 2015 when she posted pictures of her and Tuface kissing passionately in a club. The pictures went viral!

On this, Annie Idibia issued a statement which read in parts:

“ I am aware of the photos circulating the Internet with my husband and Pero Adeniyi. …Pero Adeniyi and this momentary indiscretion poses no threat whatsoever to my relationship with my husband. As a matter of fact for all of our children’s’ sake, I do encourage cordial relationships with parties involved.”

Will Annie ever sleep peacefully in Innocent Idibia’s house?