Life they say has no duplicate once gone, it can never be replaced but a few have been lucky to be given a second chance.

A teenager, Praise experienced something horrific that will never fade away from his memories after he lost his mother and sister on the same day during an arm robbery attack.

They were slaughtered like animals and left in the pool of their blood after failing to give the robbers what they needed.

Praise wasn’t left out as he was also stabbed on the chest and his throat was slit as well, but God definitely had a purpose for his life and his life was spared.

Hearing about the lad’s pathetic story, TB Joshua sponsored his treatment abroad and he was accompanied by an aunt to care for him after suffering a damage vocal cord.

In total it was said that the man of God spent a whooping sum of 25 million naira on the little boy who is now healthy and back on his feet.

Here is the story of Praise:

“They took my sister inside the room, cut her neck and left her dead on the floor; she was only 10 years old. They then carried my mum, raped her and slaughtered her; they stabbed her in so many places. They left her dead on the floor and came back for me. They took me into the room where I saw my mum and sister lying in a pool of blood. They then cut my neck and stabbed me in the chest. I managed to open my eyes and saw something white, sparkling and tall like a human being. It carried me, took me to my neighbor’s gate, shook it and then disappeared.”

From a witness: “When his neighbor’s rushed out, they found Praise’s bloodied body dumped at their doorstep, his arms and legs bound together. Raising the alarm, they rushed him to hospital. Lapsing in and out of consciousness and fighting for his life, Praise was taken to the General Hospital in Agbor before being transferred to the Federal Medical Centre. “Blood was pumping out like a shower; they could not control it.”

Although Praise miraculously survived the attack following emergency surgery and the usage of “T.B. Joshua’s Morning Water”, he was left with his vocal chords severely damaged and a pipe inserted into his throat. For nine long months, he could not utter a single word.”