Heres Tuface with his lovely daughter from babymama ANNIE MACUALAY.

Little Isabel made daddy proud when he recently had his live show and she went on stage with him,smiled and waved at his fans all through….”she didnt even have stage fright or cried. she was so natural and enjoyed the attention”

Is’nt she cute? Truly daddys Africanqueen!


Olofofos who atteneded the show on sunday september 27,2010 present to you exclusive

Babymama Pero flew in all the way from Yankee to attend the show and sat quietly at a corner…to put it short,she behaved herself like a good lady and the observing Olofofos say she looked too rugged for someone who just flew in from abroad!

All the babymamas(Sunmbo,Pero and Annie)were at the venue to support the father of their kids.

Babymama Sunmbo looked extremely nice and very well behaved.

Babymama Annie Macaulay was at the venue before the show and Olofofos spotted her helping out and dishing arrangement plans here and there in her usual I-too-know manner.

Sunmbo and Pero passed each other and sparks flew in the air.

Ayabime Okpoh tufaces ex fiance went around after the show asking everyone where tufaces room was,and she roamed the entire lobby looking frustrated.

She eventually ended up knocking on a room and the door was opened by Pero who was inside with her kids, Pero rained abuses on Bime who hurriedly left the venue.