Former member of Plantashun Boiz, Blackface was a guest on Pulse NG’s Loose Talk Podcast where he sounded off about his longtime friend turned rival, 2Baba Idibia.


Blackface is of the opinion that 2Baba is an underachiever who has yet to truly contribute anything to the Nigerian music industry.

He said, “He is just that kind of artist. If you check his music right now, you can see the difference. You can’t compare his music right now to Plantashun Boiz’s music. It’s nowhere close. Melody wise, lyrics wise, music wise, sound wise, he is nowhere close.

“I know he can do better, but he’s not trying to do better. And I don’t think he has people around him that are trying to make him to do better. If he’s here i will tell him to his face. He’s not trying at all.

When he was asked if he would admit 2baba’s influence in the Nigerian Music industry, he said;

“He has done nothing for the Nigerian music industry, What has he done? I’m not bitter but what has he done musically?”

He was then cut short by the interview who disagreed saying 2face is Nigeria’s biggest popstar. Blackface quickly responded

“How? Tell me your 2face pop song. African Queen is a reggae R&B song and it was done how many years ago? Does he have a pop song now in 2017? So you are as good as your latest work, stop going back to old glories mehn. What you done? how good are you? we heard your last record it was sounding very broken.”

Blackface also talked a lot about how he met 2Baba, how he helped his budding career, helped him choose a name and taught him about professionalism in music.