Anita Joseph might not be as popular as the likes of Omotola and Genevieve but the actress is one of the most talked about right now in Nollywood. If the subject of discussion is not her celebrated clash with other actresses, it would be her Coca-Cola-like sexy shape or her erotic and rumbling bum-bum that is fast becoming the nemesis of some married women. (Ask Oge Okoye and one Mrs. Adesanya). Even single ladies are not spared (ask Ebube Nwagbo). SAMUEL OLATUNJI went after her and dug deep beyond the surface to get her to reveal more than what we already know:

Which are your last five movies?
Titanic Turtle, Breaking News, Spiritual Challenge, The Mistress, Forgive Me, White Gold Sellers, Beyonce and Rihana, Return of boys Cots, and some others.

How come people say they don’t get to see your movies?
I don’t know. The people that say they are not seeing my movies are the ones that wrote that I’m dating a married man. You should know that there is an atom of jealousy in that.

Which of these movies do you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed Tears in my Heart. I played a character I have never done before. It was just a different thing from the usual. I also enjoy Forgive me. They don’t give me good girl roles, maybe because of my looks, but I acted a good girl in Forgive me. I did it and it was quite interesting.

When and how did your journey in acting begin?
It began in 2004. I saw my girlfriend, Azuka in a movie and I was excited about it because that was what I’ve always wanted to do. I called her to connect me, and she took me to the National Theatre, Lagos. My first movie was Good Samaritan. My first lead role was in Bandit Queen.

Why then would some of your colleagues say you are trying to use them to get popular?
How can I use her (Ebube Nwagbo) to thrive? I would rather use some known names.

Has acting been fair to you?
It has been fair to me. At least it has been able to open doors for me. Sometimes, I don’t queue when I go to the airport, people run around for me because they know me. I get calls from people who say they like me and I also get bad calls too.

You sang recently at an event, are you also trying to be a singer too?
I sing. It’s just that I’m beginning to take it professionally now. I use to be in the choir, I just decided to do acting first.

What kind of song do you sing and what should we expect from you musically?
I do dancehall and R and B. I know music affects people’s lives and I want to affect people. When I’m not acting, I’m singing. I’m not rushing my album because when you rush in, you will rush out and I’m not from Russia.

Where are you from then?

What about school?
I studied linguistics at the University of Calabar.

What has been your dream all along before acting came in?
My dream has always been to be in the entertainment industry, but I didn’t specify. So when acting came, I just grabbed it.

When you see yourself on TV now, do you tell yourself dreams do come true?
Yeah, dreams do come true. But I’m not fulfilled yet, because I’ve not gotten to where I want to get to yet. I want to get to my peak.

Who are your role models in Nollywood?
I admire Joke Silva, Genevieve, and Omotola.

When did you graduate?
I graduated in 2005, but I’ve been acting before I graduated.

What else do you do?
I used to model back in the days, but I put on weight and I couldn’t continue. I like my weight now it’s that of an African woman. Though I don’t watch what I eat, but I will start to do that now. I will start to diet. I also don’t want to be a lepa (slim).

I’m sure your boyfriend likes it?
Yeah! He likes it.

Have you had an encounter with any nasty fan?
I was at Shoprite with a friend one evening when I heard someone approaching calling me Anita sexy. After a little chat, the guy touched my buttocks and said: “common you look good”. I screamed and turned back to my girlfriend. By the time I turned back, another guy just came, hit me and said ‘Oh my God! You look good’. He blew me a kiss and walked away. It wasn’t as if I was putting on a sexy cloth. I was corporately dressed. It was really embarrassing because people were watching.

People say your buttocks can make men go beyond their boundaries; do you shake it that way?
People who shake their buttocks are those that don’t have it. I don’t need to shake it. The structure is marvelous. It is God’s gift. What will I shake it for? I don’t shake it. The Lord just created me in His own image and made me attractive and sexy.

I heard your buttocks have been causing problems in some homes?
You have started again. I did not take anybody’s husband. It almost caused a problem between my boyfriend and I. But thank God he always understands. I don’t break people’s homes, so I don’t expect people to break what I’m building. What I believe in is that you don’t let the bad things get you down so you can be there when the good things will come.

You have been linked with one Mrs. Adesanya and Oge Okoye’s husbands. Are you sure you are not dating anybody’s husband?
That Mrs. Adesanya doesn’t exist. I’m not dating anybody’s husband and I’m very happy with my boyfriend. Oge Okoye and I did a job together, but we are not close friends, we just say hi. My hands are clean.

I read an interview where KC said he did not know you from anywhere but you claimed you guys dated in time past?
I do not want to go back to that issue. I’ve overgrown some issues now.

How come people feel you are the most controversial actress now?
I don’t know. Maybe it’s my time. Everybody has time in this our job.

Why are you controversial?
I’m not.

Are your parents religious?
They are religious. We are ten in my family; we have seven girls and three boys. I’m the sixth girl and the ninth child.

How is your family reacting to your stardom?
My mother is late but my father is still alive. My father has been a huge encouragement to me.

How many times have you fallen in love?
Two times. It is beautiful to fall in love.

Who is your boyfriend and what does he do?
He is a human being and he is a footballer. I won’t tell you his club.

How did you meet?
Our meeting was a magic, he sent me signal and I send am too.
I learnt footballers are one hell of players on bed. Who does the attack and defence in the bedroom?
(Laughs) He does the attack and I defend.