What kids do in a marriage is beyond words. For actress, Mercy Aigbe, July 11 is a special day when she celebrates her daughter, Michelle’s birthday. This year, Michelle clocked 16.

It was celebration time for Mercy and her two children. She shared photos, videos and wrote:

Dear Michelle,

You are a gift, a blessing and a miracle to me. I am so happy and super proud to be your Mom. You have been a source of indescribable joy and strength to me. We have been through a lot together and tru it all, like I always say “God Gat Us”.

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You are a constant reminder that I must be a Success in life! Cos all I desire is to give you and Juwon, nothing but the best!…..I know you will say but ” mummy you shout and beat me with cane ”.


My sweetheart I had to do all the talking, shouting and beating to mould you into the God loving, God fearing, exceptionally brilliant, smart, intelligent, well mannered, respectful, kind, loving, very caring, humble, hardworking and beautiful, young lady you are today! Don’t worry now that you are 16 the beating has stopped and the shouting will reduce , but be warned more of the talking will continue.

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As you add another year and you proceed to the university, go forth and pursue your dreams, you will be greater than me IJN. No matter where you go in life be rest assured that I will be right here, solidly behind you in prayers! Live life to the fullest and make sure your happiness isn’t compromised.

Happy Birthday my Good luck Charm @michelleio, Momma loves you , #sweetsixteen #mommasgirl.”

Then, her husband, Lanre Gentry, who revealed in one of his interviews that he adopted Michelle, who is Mercy Aigbe’s firstborn from her first marriage, took to social media to give his birthday shout-out.


He wrote to Michelle:

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“If I should have to wish you a pleasant day, I’m going to start by giving thanks to God for creating a wonderful daughter like you.

I believe today is your perfect day, your special day and a wonderful day as well.

Michelle darling, celebrate with happiness!!! And know that one of my heart desires for you is to have a life full of joy.

You have always made me proud. And no matter how old you are, to me you will always be my little girl. Have a brilliant Birthday my love!!!


▪May the world know your name
▪May your heart remain beautiful
▪May your star continue to shine
▪May your smile continue to be like sunshine
▪May wisdom roll with you
Enjoy your day my darling daughter.” (sic)

Trust the estranged couple’s followers on Instagram; they have been proffering advice on how they should reunite even if it’s for their children’s sakes.