With the current rate of unemployment in the country and the various challenges faced especially by the youths, Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, has step in to the rescue.

The actress, considering her tight schedule has decided to hire the service of a Personal Assistant who will be managing some of her affairs at the same time move around with her.

Mercy has gotten herself involved in so many businesses and coupled with her acting, she rarely has the time to attend to other affairs which is what has prompted the need to have an assistant.

She is offering to pay about N100,000 to the lucky applicant who best deserves the job. Though, her price tag has been under attack as some fans have criticized her nothing that such amount of money is too small for the job but the actress has developed thick skin for such attacks.

The lovely actress is anxiously waiting to see who emerges as her new PA which will help reduce some burden off her neck. But with such an amount of money for a PA, it shows how capable the actress is and what a good husband she has as she sets to brake record of being the only actress to pay a PA such an amount of money.