Saying most of our so called Nollywood divas have turned themselves into subject of ridicule in the society, most especially to the global community is obvious. Why they tend to fall victims of circumstance is because most of them lack wisdom to sustain and maintain the stardom.
Once they appear in a movie and the public commend their effort they become so cheap that circle of friends will sleep with them with or without their knowledge, they have a name for it, ‘RUNS’. They are happy with this illicit act because of their gluttonous and greedy instinct.

Mercy Aigbe, one of the Nollywood fineest faces in Yoruba genre of the movie industry is not left out in this regards as a lot of London boys and top politicians have all had their way through her two thighs all in the name money and material acqusition. This shameful act of sleeping around to get to the ladder is not a new thing to them because they feel they are stars.

They ride very expensive exotic cars within a few months of showcasing their talent in a movie, a car that, ordinarily, 10 movies wouldn’t have got them in 10 years, yet they are happy that they have arrived. Arrived? By loosing your dignity all because of money. These are the people the younger generation look up too as role models, and not even a dose of modesty in their bloodstream.

This reporter filed a report on this mother of one actress, Mercy, a couple of weeks ago on this website and i am shocked to hear from Mercy Aigbe, who is currently rumoured to be carrying some months old pregnancy for a certain auto merchant, to be sending some nasty messages to the wall on my facebook.

As public watch-dogs, I believe we have the right to write. But of what use is the write ups when the characters involved are not turning a new leave? We shall give you an exclusive gist of why Mercy became a single mother and why things got sour between her and the father of her only child. Keep a date. I can be reached on +234-803-9764-154 if you have something on Mercy.