Mercy Eke: I Didn’t Win BB Naija The Second Time Because Of Jealousy

The winner of the ‘Pepper Dem’ season of Big Brother Naija reality in 2019, Mercy Eke, has revealed that she failed to win the show again in 2023 because people are jealous of her.

Recall that Eke lost to 22-year-old Ilebaye during the All-star edition of the show.

Reacting to her inability to lift the BB Naija trophy for the second time, the reality star said she didn’t win the show for the second round because people “were allergic to winners.”

She said, “The first time, I went into the Big Brother House, it was all cute, lovely people. I played the game and I won the show. And I thought it was all cute, then I went back for the second time, and I found out that people were allergic to winners.

“They were like, ‘She had that, she can’t have it again. She has this, she can’t have it again.’ That’s why I did not win for the second time because they are allergic to winners. They were like, ‘She is already rich, give others a chance.’

“This second experience, I loved it. I will not even take anything away from it because it made me see people for who they truly are. It can only be God’s doing because without this second experience I would not know a lot of things. I didn’t know that it is a crime to want to win again. But anyways, I am still a winner.”