It is nothing hidden that curvy actress, Mercy Johnson, is having a great time with her fiance, Odi. But the news in the air is that Mercy has taken in.

Sources claimed that Mercy had been out of the scene for a while because she didn’t want people to see her bulging tummy since she is yet to walk down the aisle.

But speaking to Life and Beat on the phone recently, Mercy denied being pregnant, saying she had only been out of Lagos for a while for personal reasons.

“Ah! This is serious. I am not pregnant. Why would I deny it if I were pregnant. I was out of Lagos for a while but I am back. They have come again. Look, I am on location and I am playing the lead role of a princess. In the movie, I am meant to dress in native attires with my tummy showing. If I were pregnant, do you think I would be playing such a role? Please, I am not yet pregnant and I am telling you the truth,” she said.