When on Sunday, September 19, 2010 Compass newspapers published an article with the title ”Stars without crowns” where are their Romeos? It has become a mind bugging because of the calibre of Nollywood damsels that made the long list. The long list is with no-less-beautiful ladies in the Nollywood whose names and pictures were published verbatim.

Commending Compass for the wonderful work it did, at least, in clearing certain aspersions of the state of origin of some of the published actresses and indirectly asking the ladies and precisely everyone to do what he or she is up to doing when it is time, the publication in a way exhibited ridicule on the persons that were published.

The ridicule could be seen from the caption and some of the stories behind the names of the published actresses. It is not because these actresses have achieved fame that water must be forced down their throats to gulp, when they might not be ready for the gulp. Everyone has his or her likes and dislikes. Invading anybody’s privacy is up to the invader.

While celebrities are characterised as people who are famous and because of fame are highheaded in the choice they make in relationship, it’s could be essential to state here that one of the Nollywood divas who has told the world about her own Crown or Romeo is Mercy Johnson.

Mercy Johnson didn’t shy away from telling the world about her relationship even though that she is popular. It is only shy people that become selfish in divulging their love life when fame gets into their head. She has told Nigerians the difference between money and love in a relationship, which brings her self-value not beyond human worth. Unlike some of her female colleagues who compound their problems with the raise of their value which goes beyond this world.

However, Crown could be in different ways and in different forms. Some people achieve their own Crown and some buy their own Crown. In whatever way, Crown is Crown, and Mercy Johnson had told the world about her Crown in her Odi.

Remember that Mercy Johnson is not only the rave of the era in the nation’s movies industry, not only the hottest, but a beauty so rich for use and a brain that has brought envy to the world.

Whether she is a controversial up and coming actress as wont in many quarters, that could be the imagination of her critics. No doubt an elephant must have different definitions in the eyes of the blind.

Is it not an insult on the persona of Mercy that she was published among Nollywood ladies without Crown or Romeos, whereas she had told the world about her relationship with her Odi, whom she expressively loves and cherishes?

While the Compass newspapers was curious on the Nollywood ladies without Crown or Romeos, when would Compass as well publish Romeos without Juliets? Or, are there not?

Mercy Johnson is affably! This writer thinks Mercy Johnson needs our prayers so that the Crown she is proudly wearing now would be officially celebrated.