I am actually shocked beyond words right now. The founder of MFM, pastor Daniel Kolawole Olukoya made a shocking revelation while preaching over the weekend.

The man of God admonished Christian to be very careful of fake prophet littered everywhere who would only end destroying the lives of many.

Recalling a previous occurrence, he revealed that a woman who was said to be barren and went to a pastor for help, but the pastor took her to a grave yard for s3x.

In his words: “ when you see someone from nowhere just appears from nowhere, when you can’t identify the church where he got born again and you cannot trace his roots to any church, then you should be very careful to associate with such a ‘man of God.’ These men are always in suits and they see vision. They speak strange languages that are very uncommon and they call it speaking in tongues. These people are always seen vibrating while preaching and these same fake prophets are the same sleeping in hotels with the wives of church members.

Speaking more the man of God gave more instances: “a woman had been begging God for a child and went to one of these fake prophets for prayers. The prophet asked to sleep with her in the cemetery and the lady slept with him on a grave. While having s3x, she saw a padlock in his hands and since then her womb was blocked and her problem multiplied.