Tuface Idibia is the most respected and loved artiste in the country. Despite swimming in controversy on different occasions, his career has never been affected.

Some artiste didn’t go through quarter of the controversy Tuface had, before their career hit the rock bottom, but due to the massive love Nigerians has for him , he had continue to progress above it all.

The singer is often called a living legend, many artiste look up to him, and he has never fall short of his artistry talent, as he keeps showing how versatile he is on a regular basis.

Among his admirers seems to be, Nigerian Rapper, MI Abaga. The rapper expressed his thoughts about how proud he is to be associated with Tuface Idibia.

Disclosing further, He made it known that Tuface would forever be a legend and would be remembered for years.

In his words: “When you think of Nigerian music 100 years from now, there are a few names you will have to mention. And by now we can all agree it’s them and I think that one person that we’re sure of from our generation, I think there are many amazing musicians. But the person that we’re sure of, even if he never says one more thing or makes another song that has to be in the top three of all time is 2face Idibia.”