M.I just got himself in a fight he wasn’t prepared for when he shared his feels about Drake being a better music maker than Eminem. Some fans are not excited over the comment. Recall earlier this year when the top 10 rappers were listed in Nigeria, some rappers who missed the list were not happy.

This resulted in a fan saying “Every Indigenous rapper has its time & season. Back than it was Mode 9. M.I,Jesse Jagz & Ice prince came on board,now its Olamide and Vector”

MI shared this thought “Yo…This is gonna be sacrilege. But guys, Drake is actually witter than Eminem…And probably a better music maker. Although, face to face standing in front of each other to battle. Drake is not about that life. Eminem would each his heart.”

But he was not supported “MI and also, saying he makes better music just because he is popping now. Is like saying Olamide is better than you…” one said and another added “Perhaps Wizkid raps better than you now”