The crisis rocking the matrimonial home of Yoruba actress, Mide Martins, is not far from over as emerging allegations has it that the actress has been messing around herself with other men.

Mide is not new to rumours of failed marriage as it has been what has been trending for a long time now but things seems to get out of hand when it was disclosed that her husband, Afeez Owo, had moved out of their matrimonial home for about three months to give her space to enjoy her life.

According to some sources who have spill the beans, Mide traveled to South Africa with one of her friend’s husband, a real estate mogul whom she had an affair with and upon her return, she earned her endorsement deal

It is being alleged that the man who slept with her confided in a friend who in turn informed her husband of what had transpired. Another issue that was raised is that Mide Martins’ libido is very high and that their house girl caught her with a man who used to live with the couple sometimes last year.

It was learnt that Mide, who claimed to have been rushed to hospital some days back has been discharged and had only framed her sickness to get her husband attention back.