Popular Nollywood actress, Mide Martins, who was called a few days for allegedly abandoning her brother, Damilare, who her late mum, Funmi Martins, had for veteran Afro juju musician, Sir Shina Peters.

The mum of two took to Instagram page to tell her side of the story though she did not offer full details.

The actress firstly apologised to people who might have been disappointed due to the claims of the report and noted that she would have loved to settle the matter within her family instead of the social media.

Martins continued by expressing how broken and devastated she was when her mum died and her brother, Damilare, had to stay with their grandmother outside Lagos.

After the death of their grandmother, Damilare moved on to live with an uncle who denied her custody of her brother several times.

Martins also stated that she is not a heartless person and it was not possible for her to have neglected her brother as there is more to the story than people see.

She also pleaded to have her brother released to her so that she can take care of him herself.

A part of the post reads: “Damilare is my blood brother. It is not possible for me to neglect him but there’s much more to this story than you all know which I’m sorry I will not go into details because it’s a family matter.

“I am not a heartless person despite the fact that I don’t have it all the little I have I give wholeheartedly.”