Exotic songstress and model, Miss-k, had a double birthday celebration last weekend, starting her first night at a luxurious 5 star Hotel.
She arrived chauffeured driven to both venue where she was greeted by photographers, friends and fans.

Miss-k looked radiant flaunting her curves, wearing a summary Fluo Pink Pastel Dress on her first Night .

However on the second night Miss-k went all out by having Nigerian Dj Sose entertaining the night, who she specially flown to London for this special occasion.

Miss-k wore a short Black dress by Vivienne westwood, and welcomed her guest of honors which included the likes of Dr S.

Fawehinmi (Brother of the late Gani Fawehinmi), Hip Hop Music Producer Mc Lad, Princess O. from Senegal and many more without forgetting Dj Jam jam.