Yesterday, around 1 am on Wednesday, the family of a beauty queen was in shock when they were visited at home by robbers.

She holds the title of Miss Tourism Nigeria (Southern Queen). Narrating her ordeal, she disclosed that the robbers went away with a huge sum of money from her as well as ATM cards.

In her words: “When I was about to go to bed, I was still lying down on the chair in the parlor close to the window when I heard a deep and aggressive voice saying “give me that money” repeatedly. I got up and I checked fearlessly and I was pointed a gun on my forehead I had to step back immediately with fear. They had already started coming towards the protector I had to wake my younger sister up and tell her to run to my mother’s room that was where we hid before they entered, they broke the protector and made their way inside the house and started the struggle. We struggled for over 20 minutes. They threatened to shoot my mother and shoot me. In the process, I was flogged with the blunt end of a cutlass and then I gave them My purse having huge amount of money and including my ATM card, they made away with the television in the house and left.‎ I just want to alert my fellow beauty queens to be more conservative in their lifestyle and I hope these guys are brought to book”