Mixed reactions as Wizkid, Davido fight dirty

Friends and fans of Nigerian singers, Wizkid and Davido have continued to react to the ongoing online clash between the two musical giants.

It was reported earlier that the duo have been at each other’s throats since Wizkid’s post about Davido went viral.

In a clash that happened late Monday, Davido addressed Wizkid as a musician banking on his old glory, daring the ‘Essence’ singer to drop another hit.

Responding, Wizkid blasted his colleague, stating that all his songs were not originally written by him.

Their supporters have since then been at loggerheads over the dispute between the two singers.

A member of the 30BG, a group believed to be Davido’s fan, watered down Wizkid’s claim that Davido doesn’t write his songs.

The fan, Janet Chichi wrote, “Does it matter? What matters is who owns the song. The greatest songs in the world were not written by the artists who sang it, those guys do employ the service of songwriters.”

However, Abel MB tackled her saying, “So how many times have you seen those artists bragging about being a better hitmaker than anyone aunty?

“And I saw where you say it doesn’t take anything from them, lol. but the joy of doing it yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. Don’t compare a writer-artist with someone who bought 85% of his songs, please. Next.”

“I swear, if Davido drop any song made by himself, we go dey rate him and speed Darlington,” a Facebook user, Odogwu Geral wrote.

Making his opinion known, Chusky Jerry said, “Wizkid won 😁😁 Davido nor be idan😎 he needs street orientation.”

Another user, Henry Chima wrote, “I Sha love Wizkid more because I grew up listening to his hits and watched him penetrate international market.

“Like, I literally watched him grow from a little Ojuelegba boy to an international artist.
Davido on the other hand is a perfect example of passion and hard work, coming from a wealthy home didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion and creating impact.

“They both have made Nigeria and Africa proud.

“They both have different lifestyles, they weren’t created to be the same anyway. So it’s understandable that people will always choose between them.

“But this unnecessary comparison and media war is not good. They need to come together and foster peace for the sake of the upcoming artists.”