Popular TV presenter, Moet Abebe sure knows how to pick them guys.

Well its her choice though but I wonder what she sees in ‘Goaty guyz or tattoo freaks.

Its none of my business but I found it so confusing , because she appears to me like a cool headed babe. Her pedigree and level of education should have guided her in picking men of her caliber.

Just a while ago, she posted the picture of her new Boo on instagram. I gathered the photo was taken during their last vacation and all I could see on the dude is his tattoo boyfriend.

Well, she must be so much in love and could not hide it, as she obviously loves everything about him including the scary tattoo. Babe did you say your FUTURE BABY DADDY? Ok babes we dey here , awaiting the wedding ring please we are not drinking Moet alone oo, kindly make it assorted wines. My people I talk una mind too abi?