Mompha has served Bobrisky a court order demanding he retracts and apologize for all that he has said about him with the sum of N1B as defamation as he set the record straight on some things.

Bobrisky who appears to be pained and hurt by the actions of Mompha continued spilling some secrets about their relationship making a lot of allegations against him claiming he even borrowed cars from him.

Mompha had been quiet allowing Bobrisky to say whatever he wants but guess he was preparing to drag him to court and deal with him by the law and now has served him a court order asking him to retract what he said about him and apologize for that with N1B as defamation fee.

Setting the record straight, Mompha claimed he never borrowed any car from Bobrisky as he said but only asked him to come in that car because it was the only finest car he had at that time and he denied claims of borrowing or living a fake lifestyle on the gram.

Bobrisky is busy ranting and Mompha is ready to use the law against him, this is going to be a very bad turnout for the two friends who have been there for each other for a long time based on chats Bobrisky has shared and it quite unfortunate things are turning out like this.

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