Authentic info reaching us has it that top actress and nursing mom, Monalisa Chinda is currently sad, angry and very pissed with some guys in the soft-sell genre, for writing unpalatable stuffs about her recently. In a chat with us, Chinda’s doting hubby, Dejo Richards, lamented that some of these mischievous fellas, went as far as “cooking up” imaginary stories about his heartthrob in the media, in order to pitch her against her colleagues and some producers that constantly hires her for jobs.

Richard however, warned that these people, whom he also referred to as “enemies of progress”, would soon be hearing from his lawyers. “My wife is an easy going woman and a professional actress, who read theatre arts, I don’t know why some people want to pull her down by all means. They should please, leave her alone to concentrate more on her thriving acting career”, he pleaded. Well, stardom also comes with its own headache.

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