One Lerato Maseogane, a producer/presenter at SABC current affairs has accused Nigerians of ruining their country with drugs, scams and human trafficking.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, she claimed that some South African Police senior officials are on the payroll of these alleged Nigerian criminals.

“Nigerians are finishing us in our own country. The scams, human trafficking, drugs and everything that is of no good to us they are at the forefront of all that,” she wrote.

I heard disturbing news that they take care of SAPS senior officials and their families, and that’s the reason justice is never served to us. Everybody who protects them benefits from them directly or indirectly.

It is only in South Africa where foreign criminals are protected more than citizens. Citizens safety is less important. Money speaks!

When we blatantly put it, they say its xenophobia, but when we get scammed, fed with drugs and human trafficked, nobody cares. I don’t think there is any lawless country like South Africa in the whole world.