Nigeria through its blissful nature promised better life for its inhabitants as it inceptionally bargained for a fertile and productive land for its people, its assurance to its people was to provide a quality livelihood and instill morals into its citizens in order to live in unity with one another. But how we have rewarded Nigeria, how we have failed Nigeria by suffering its citizens even when they could get good standard of living in other words, enjoy its God given resources. Nigeria came into being that it may flourish its citizens, impact positive knowledge and offer adequate education to its citizens through its resources, Nigeria as a name has done well , Nigeria as a place of inhabitation has also done well but we the inhabitants of Nigeria have we done well? We the reapers of the naturally sowed resources have we actually done justice in the nominal distribution of the God given wealth? We the assumed Nigerians, time of question has come, shall we continue to live in disunity? Shall we continue to live in distrust? And shall we continue to live the life of pretence? These are questions we need to ask ourselves deeply and answer them sincerely within our minds and see whether we can change our understanding for a pure Nigeria. I believe in Nigeria, I know you do believe in Nigeria too so we can do this, we can come together, think together and reason together for a more productive Nigeria. The scripture explains ?knowledge is made easy for those who understands? who am I in the mist of brains we have in Nigeria? Who am I in the stream of prominent personalities we have in this our great Nigeria? Just a simple Nigerian crying and yarning for change. I know knowledge does not rest in only one head so as i deny myself sleep thinking about Nigeria so also you are worried about Nigeria, Nigeria is a great nation where great people live, we can make Nigeria a better place if we choose to, make our education system competitive globally so that we do not have to run to other countries for quality education, improve state of living so that we do not have to run to other countries for succor or have a negative alternatives, i don?t think we are happy when we get ill we fly to other countries for adequate medical health care or are we happy when we taste for tourism we perceive other countries as the best, Nigerians this is what we can get here if we try a little, this is what we can get here if we sacrifice a little believe me if Nigeria is repaired today, we will all be happy, our unborn generation will desire to come out, people will step out of their hut with two hands up rejoicing for a happy Nigeria. It may not be easy, it will not be easy but success is sweet at the end achieved through hard work and sacrifices. Nigerians I know you, you are compassionate people with humanitarian heart ready to work if government could try a little, let us come together to embrace this message devoid of any sentiment , Nigeria is one from north to south, south to east Nigeria is one, in fact, if you look at all the names of tribes in this Nigeria, all the tribes names? could be derived from the name Nigeria using each of their letter word making the tribes one Nigeria as unity and love prospers a nation. Nigerians now is the time to pursue a common goal, now is the time to fulfill a common purpose as it will not make us less important but will make us most important and attract external progress and prosperity. We have to resist that which disintegrates us and focus on being one Nigeria, let us give back a little, put a smile back on the face and show a little reward to that name Nigeria that has given us so much by spreading its comfort to its citizens. Nigerians we are polite people with good mannerism, discipline and honest and so do not fundamentally need the law for direction and correction, this is our virtue, I know it, all we need to do is allow it to flow and display it all the time. Hatred, envy and jealousy does not progress a nation as scripture expresses ?what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and looses its soul? what happened to patriotism, what happened to a control of emotions in other words allow platform for happiness and growth to rain. Let us change our perception about who is the best and the buying factor and allow the free flow of nature, Nigerians we are challenge fighters, fighting one another will only pull us backward, we have the abilities to pass through the raging waters positively so let us answer this call of change and give Nigeria a new direction for a better living. This is the way I feel, I am sure you feel the same way too, pursing common goal will change the way we play politics and reduce political desperation , with like-minded purpose as our target, citizens will be able to participate in politics, choose their own leaders and connect with their leaders for proper accountability. Sometimes, the forces we fight around us could be negative discouragement and ignorance, intimidation and lacks but the creature has already made provision for satisfaction when He fed the multitude with five loaves of bread and two fishes, the little we eat we are satisfied and get content with the one we have. your social media marketing partner