Adewale popularly known as Mc 90s is a comedian. He does rhymes and music on stage and has performed at various shows. He has a show of his own and has worked with top comedians. In this interview with Adeniyi Azeez and Isaac Oguntoye, he talked about his career, his upcoming TV show and other issues. Read on… How do you feel on this first edition of your comedy show? I feel great and on top of the world. It's just God. I am introducing new things into comedy. We had not been having Laff Carpet before, I just introduced it. I have also introduced lafdac number. God is my mentor and that is why my method is different. How did you come about your style? I always tell people that I am the son of the king of rhymes which is God because He was the first person to do rhymes. If you look at John chapter 1 verse 1, He did rhymes. What makes you different? My look alone distinguishes me from other comedians. I also do rhymes and music unlike other comedians. Do you think the audiences are satisfied today? I know most of them are very satisfied. They have been coming to me and appreciating me. I pray that by next year, I should have my TV programme on air. Is it going to be a yearly show? It's not. It is going to be twice in a year or more than that. How do you plan to meet up with top comedians in the industry? It is a competitive industry; but you need to have a unique style. If you have your own style and your jokes are dynamic, then people would recognize you. At what point did you start comedy? I started from childhood. I was always funny. I am a marine engineer by profession. I love comedy than anything. What was your parents' reaction when you wanted to go into comedy? It was not easy. They fought me and tried to convince me. I am now proving to them that it's not all about the profession. What influenced your decision to become a comedian? It's not because of the money or joblessness, I love comedy and it's in me. Where do you see yourself in two years time? I would be in a position with top comedians in the world. Who do you look up to in the industry? I look up to God. I make people understand that your mentor is your method. What is your advice to upcoming comedians? They should be focused and always believe in God. They should know that without God, they can't do it alone. What challenges did you face? It has not been easy. I haven't slept for four days now. I believe that anything that would be good will always be like this. Do you have any regret going into comedy? I don't. How do you manage ladies? It happens but God has been helping me your social media marketing partner